Online Coaching

We are a sports coaching service for athletes that need guidance and information regarding training for a variety of sports. We can help athletes in a many ways, no matter what your fitness level, sport or activity. Coach Colin McCrum will develop your training programme. All programmes are developed in a specific and personal manner for the individual athletes needs. All information provided will be done using the most up to date scientific research. When you join our coaching service we will agree on the plan for the whole year/season. This will direct the athlete and coach toward a clear goal. We will focus on short and long-term goals so that we can see progression and increases in your performance.

I like to analyse an athlete via video/still picture in training so that I can see technique and provide feedback accordingly. This can be done via phone or Internet phone chat.

How Sports Injury Scotland Coaching Service Works

Initial Consultation

You will need to fill in a variety of questionnaires so that I can understand your training history, work and family commitments, injuries, equipment and access to sporting facilities. You will also be asked to undertake some test sets so that benchmark results can be formed to see progression through and into the future. These tests will assist me in setting training zones and thresholds.


Firstly there will be a consultation by phone to clarify goals and discuss any issues that may have arisen. The athlete will have unlimited email communication with 24 hour response. Communication will be done by phone, preferred web chat or email with webcam.

Athlete Training Programme

This will involve firstly the short-term goals. Communication via phone, chat, email will follow. The programme will be online and live personal to you.


Coaching fees are payable in advance of receiving programs and the minimum coaching period is 3 months.

There will also be a 3 month trial period.

For further information regarding the coaching services provided then please do not hesitate to contact us