Management of the Injured Tendon: Difficulties in Diagnosis and Treatment


Background: Tendon injury is a painful and often debilitating affliction, which commonly presents to the sports medicine professional. Researchers have often struggled to determine the most appropriate way to manage this condition. Despite the plethora of literature on management strategies, there appears to be little stemming from sound scientific evidence. Objective: The aim of this is to identify studies that demonstrate a greater understanding of the pathophysiology of tendon injury and evaluate the most effective management strategies for this difficult condition. Methods: A systematic review of the literature was conducted. Results: The current review found support for the early use of corticosteroid injections, despite long term detrimental effects. The review also demonstrated exercise therapy designed to stretch and strengthen will be more effective in the long term. Conclusion: Individuals with tendinopathy should perform a regular strengthening and flexibility regime as early as possible. Patients with pain limiting daily activities may benefit from corticosteroids injections, to allow them to perform activities with reduced pain.

Management of the injured Tendon